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Probate and Trust Litigation

Will Contests over Michigan Estates

Unfortunately, the transfer of wealth whether through the probate process or through trust administration sometimes results in family conflict. The resolution of these disputes often requires the assistance of an attorney. We enjoy a reputation for resolving such competing interests where possible, but providing aggressive advocacy services on behalf of a beneficiary or a fiduciary where necessary. These services may include:

  • Meeting with you and your family to determine the nature and scope of the dispute, and whether the dispute may be resolve without court proceedings
  • Counsel family members with respect to the probate court procedures and possible outcomes, in order to establish realistic expectations
  • Analyzing the factual and legal situation of your family in order to determine the appropriate legal action to be filed
  • Preparing appropriate pleadings to best advocate your position before the probate court
  • Performing necessary pre-trial discovery, including preparation and answering of interrogatories, requests for admission, and conducting depositions
  • Preparing for adversary hearings and trials to best represent your interest before the probate court
  • Representing your interest in probate court proceedings
  • Preparing settlement documentation if the dispute is resolved

Litigation in the probate court requires a unique set of litigation skills coupled with the ability to counsel families. We have resolved routine and complex disputes in probate court on behalf of beneficiaries, personal representatives and trustees.

Our Probate and Trust Litigation Attorneys:

John A. Nitz

James J. Sarconi

Charles E. Turnbull