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Municipal Law

Members of our firm have represented municipalities for over 40 years. The representation of public entities is extremely important work, as the taxpaying public expects its municipal entities to have the most competent and useful legal advice at the most reasonable cost.

Our experience with local governments has resulted in a unique expertise in areas of the law such as the Open Meetings Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the various Home Rule Acts, planning and zoning statutes, economic development laws, and many other laws and regulations relating to the day-to-day business and concerns of municipalities. Our history of service for municipalities has also resulted in a familiarity with technical codes (for example, past and present building and fire codes) and internal policies (such as police department general orders and internal fire department policies) that has proven extremely valuable for our municipal clients.

We also have a wealth of experience with defending municipalities in litigation, whether the matter involves a trip and fall incident, a claim against the police, or even quasi-judicial proceedings such as investigations by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. In fact, our skilled defense of municipal clients has established the law in a variety of areas.

The firm maintains a Municipal Practice Group consisting of all of the attorneys within the firm who regularly address municipal legal concerns. The firm is a member of the Michigan Municipal League and the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys. The members of the Municipal Practice Group regularly review various municipal publications to stay current on the pressing issues facing municipalities in the 21st century.

The combined experience of the firm’s attorneys is unparalleled, and the firm is uniquely qualified to serve any and all municipal legal needs that may arise.

Our Municipal Law Attorneys:

Clark A. Andrews

Jeffrey A. Bahorski

Donald P. DeNault, Jr.

Linda McGrail Belau