Your Rights as a Jointly-Owned Property Owner in Michigan

In Michigan, a person jointly owns property in one of four ways: Tenants in Common, Joint Tenants, Joint Tenants with Full Rights of Survivorship, and Tenants by the Entireties.

Tenants in Common

Two or more individuals who are not married and are not trustees to an estate are generally considered tenants in common (unless there is language that states otherwise). With tenants in common, each person owns a percentage interest in the property that he or she can sell, transfer, or bequeath to another person.

Joint Tenants

With joint tenancy, each person shares possession of the entire property and is entitled to undivided shares. Joint tenant owners are not married.

Joint Tenants with Full Rights of Survivorship

When joint tenants have rights of survivorship, the property share of one co-tenant is transferred to the other co-tenant upon death, meaning the living owners gain ownership of the deceased owner’s share.

Tenants by the Entireties

This type of joint tenancy is reserved for married couples. Under Michigan law, the spouses own the property as an individual entity. This type of tenancy acts like a joint tenancy, meaning if a spouse dies, the living spouse takes over ownership of the property.

Partition action

In Michigan, joint owners of property may file a lawsuit to partition the property. A partition lawsuit forces the court to divide the property, or sell the property and divide the sale proceeds between owners. Any joint tenant or tenant in common may sue for partition of the property.

A partition action is not an option for property owned by married couples or properties owned by a business. In these instances, the property should be divided through divorce action or under Michigan’s LLC or corporation acts.

Help is available

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