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A New Law Allows Dealerships Greater Flexibility in Business Hours

A new Michigan law, signed into effect recently by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, gives dealership owners added flexibility when setting their hours of business.

Prior to the signing of SB128 into law, the Michigan Vehicle Code stated that most dealerships had to be open for at least 30 hours per week for 52 weeks a year. SB 128 reduces the requirement to 48 weeks and removes the hours of operation restrictions for the remaining four weeks of the year.

Specifically, the legislation states that:

  • Dealerships must be open 30 hours per week for at least 48 weeks of the year;
  • Fifteen of the 30 hours per week must be between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; and
  • The dealer may change its posted hours of operation to be less than the required 30 hours per week, but only for up to four weeks a year.

The Michigan Vehicle Code was amended to assist dealerships who were facing hardships staying open for the required hours. The law maintains consumer protections and gives dealers more leeway to best meet their business and employees needs.

No sales on Sunday

Did you know it is against the law for any person or company to buy, sell, or trade vehicles on a Sunday in the state of Michigan? The restriction on auto sales in Michigan and other states can be traced back to laws that banned certain activities on Sundays for religious reasons.

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