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Do You Need to Incorporate In Delaware? Probably Not, but Maybe.

By Eric C. Turnbull For a long time, a common strategy in the early stages of company formation has been incorporating in the State of Delaware. This long standing trend has brought about several myths as to why companies actually go to Delaware; but… Read More
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Yes, You Can Trademark Smells, But It’s Not Easy

By Eric C. Turnbull What do trademarks smell like? According to Verizon, they smell like “flowery musk.” Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend of companies seeking federal trademark registration of unique scents that aim to embo… Read More
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The Balancing Act Behind Cease and Desist Letters in Trademark Enforcement

By Eric C. Turnbull Branding is always crucially important when positioning your business in the marketplace, and that, in turn, means your trademark rights and responsibilities should never be ignored. Your brand is the recognizable space you carve… Read More
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Think Carefully Before Removing Old Street Art

By Eric C. Turnbull If you are a real estate owner or developer in an urban area, street art and graffiti on your building likely doesn’t warrant much more thought than how or when to remove it. However, as copyright law has continued to develop ov… Read More
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Estate Planning in Michigan Just Got Interesting

By James J. Sarconi & Joseph N. Ejbeh Asset protection has increasingly become the subject of discussion among asset management, financial planning, and estate planning professionals as well as debtor/creditor attorneys. With an effective date of… Read More
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Equity Based Crowdfunding Is Finally Up and Running - What You Need to Know

By Eric C. Turnbull Last week, millions of more people have been afforded the opportunity to invest in private startup businesses as an equity holder of the company. The Securities and Exchange Commission has signed off on the implementation of the 2… Read More
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What's the Difference between State and Federal Trademarks?

By Eric C. Turnbull As a current or aspiring business owner, you have likely heard advice from all sorts of people that you need to protect your business by trademarking your name with the state. Or maybe trademarking it with the federal government.… Read More
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