Business Owners Must Prepare To Bring Employees Back Into Physical Buildings

As the COVID-19 pandemic stabilizes and the individual states begin to lift stay-at-home restrictions, business owners must prepare to bring employees back into physical buildings.

The federal government has provided guidance in the scope of phasing in the re-opening of businesses and bringing employees back into the workforce in a safe and efficient manner during the pandemic. Companies should prepare to adhere to guidelines and confidently have policies and protocols in place for the foreseeable future. Such plans include:

  • Workforce Preparation– create policies for deciding who returns, shift/schedule management and communications with employees on new policies;
  • Building and Workplace Preparation– implement cleaning plans, pre-return inspections, and HVAC and mechanicals cleaning and checks;
  • Controlling Access – enforce protocols for safety and health checks, building reception, shipping/receiving, elevators and visitor policies;
  • Social Distancing Plan Creation – follow guidelines for decreasing density, schedule management and office traffic patterns, and providing of PPE if necessary. Precautions should be taken for vulnerable employees;
  • Reduce Touch Points & Increase Cleaning – implement open doors, clean-desk policy, food plans and regular cleaning of common areas, sanitizing of work areas;
  • Communicate for Confidence – recognize the fear employees may feel in returning, communicate transparently and listen/survey regularly.

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