How To Reopen After The Pandemic Restrictions Are Lifted In Michigan

Business owners whose offices have been closed since the start of the pandemic should take steps soon to safely reopen if they are planning to welcome in-person workers.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “MI Vacc to Normal” plan allows for in-person work for all sectors once the state reaches a vaccination rate of 55 percent (4,453,304 residents), plus two weeks. As of April 29, the state is at a vaccination rate of 48.8 percent, so it’s likely the restrictions on in-person office work could end soon.

Michigan employers will still be required to implement Michigan Occupational Safety and Health (MIOSHA) requirements for safety.

MIOSHA requires that employers:

  • Prepare a COVID-19 preparedness and response plan;
  • Implement infection prevention measures and health surveillance;
  • Develop workplace controls;
  • Distribute personal protective equipment;
  • Train workers regarding COVID-19 safety protocols; and
  • Perform daily record keeping.


MIOSHA, and The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offer safety measures for office managers to review. Office employers should be prepared to operate under those guidelines, address the indoor environmental quality of the workplace, and take other measures that ensure workplace safety.

Help is available

The business attorneys at O’Reilly Rancilio are available to assist business owners as they prepare to welcome their staff back to in-person operations. Please call 586-726-1000 or visit our website at for help with your reopening questions.

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