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How Do You Contest A Will in Michigan?

Usually when a loved one passes away, the terms of the will are carried out smoothly through official administrative and court procedures in Michigan. Unfortunately there are times when the terms of the will or the circumstances surrounding its execu… Read More
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Why You May Wish to Consider a Family Limited Partnership in Your Business Succession Planning

You may be years away from the transferring of your business to the next generation. Advanced planning provides you with more options and flexibility, resulting in a greater likelihood of your business’s continued prosperity and the preservatio… Read More
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New Laws Allow Electronic Signing of Estate Planning, Real Property Documents Through Dec. 31, 2020

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently signed House Bills 6294-6297 into law, allowing documents to be signed, witnessed, and notarized electronically until Dec. 31, 2020. The bills amend the Estates and Protected Individuals Code, the Uniform Electronic Tra… Read More
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What are the Different Types of Wills?

Many people understand the concept of a will, but did you know that there are several types of wills? Below is a breakdown of the different types of wills so that you can make the best selection for yourself and your family. Formal Will – A for… Read More
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Who Should You Choose To Become Personal Representative of Your Estate?

Choosing a personal representative (formerly called “executor”) for your estate is no easy matter. You will want to make sure you have selected a person or entity who you trust to ensure all of your final arrangements are carried out in the manne… Read More
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What Changes Should You Make to Your Estate Plan?

The age-old quote, “The only constant in life is change” applies to estate planning as well. Changes in your life and the law may affect your estate plan and that’s why it’s important to review and refresh the documents as needed. So, what ch… Read More
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Should You Use an Online Will or Hire an Attorney? The Reasons Hiring a Professional Lawyer is the Better Investment

Should you use an online will or hire an attorney? Sure, using a DIY site saves time and money in the short-term, but that same online site may lead to costly and unpleasant mistakes. People with complicated personal and financial lives assume the mo… Read More
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The Reasons People Fail to Create an Estate Plan

Few people wish to think about their mortality, let alone take time to plan for those they leave behind. A recent survey reveals why people fail to create an estate plan. Read More
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Estate Planning Should Be Part of Your New Year's Resolution

Estate planning is an important part of preparing for the future, but too many people procrastinate this task. As you plan to eat healthier, exercise more, or lose weight, remember that estate planning should be part of your New Year’s Resolution. Read More
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Don't Forget Digital Assets When Estate Planning

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer you most likely have a digital asset. It's important to protect digital assets just as you would any other valuable. Read More
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