What are the Updated Friend of the Court Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines?

The Michigan Supreme Court recently updated its Friend of the Court Bureau’s (FOCB) Michigan Parenting Time Guideline to aid parents in setting up parenting time schedules. The Guide is for families who don’t live together full-time, including those who are:

  • Divorced;
  • Unmarried;
  • Incarcerated; or
  • Separated in other ways.

The Guideline reflects increased accessibility (for example, the Guideline features easy-to-comprehend language, and visual representations of schedules and concepts) and acknowledgment that every family and every child has unique circumstances and needs.

The FOCB estimates that this tool could benefit at least 36,000 children annually in Michigan. The affected families include those with parenting time ordered in a new divorce, custody, paternity, or support case.

Some highlights of the Guideline include:

  • 14 sample schedules;
  • Information that is focused on the developmental needs of children at different ages;
  • Information on long-distance parenting time, as well as parenting time for incarcerated and institutionalized parents; and
  • Details about how to address domestic violence situations.

Families should note that the Guideline is for determining parenting time, and not custody time, which is determined by the courts.

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