Municipal Litigation and Defense

In addition to representing and defending police officers and police agencies, our municipal litigation attorneys also have extensive experience prosecuting municipal concerns, such as nuisance abatement and code enforcement actions. We also defend against every type of municipal litigation claim, including personal injury and premises liability claims, tax tribunal matters, employment litigation, civil rights claims, zoning claims and appeals, and other issues that a municipality may need to defend against at any given time.

Our firm has established important case law for municipalities in numerous appellate and federal opinions, including the following outcomes:

  • Municipalities are not responsible for defects in driveway aprons
  • Release of liability clauses in criminal court plea agreements are enforceable
  • Municipal zoning regulations enjoy a presumption of validity
  • The natural accumulation of snow and ice on a sidewalk does not create municipal liability
  • A mayor has the authority to remove entire audiences from a city council meeting due to continued disruptions and individuals who are out of order for failing to be germane to the agenda item on which they are speaking
  • Police officers may briefly detain and search armed persons who are “open carrying” and causing a public disturbance

Our attorneys have successfully defended municipal interests before local circuit courts, the federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, the Michigan Court of Appeals, and the federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. We have also litigated, in circuit court and on appeal, important issues relating to the powers and duties of various county offices and officials, and we have pursued and defended claims against, our school district clients.

In the area of zoning and land use regulation, our attorneys have obtained favorable decisions for our municipal clients in a variety of areas, including the propriety of zoning board and planning commission decisions on appeal, and the constitutionality of zoning ordinance provisions. Similarly, we have successfully pursued injunctive relief and abatement orders in cases involving nuisances, zoning violations, code violations, and related municipal concerns.

The combined experience of the firm's attorneys in pursuing and defending municipal claims is varied, distinguished, and unmatched. Our firm is uniquely qualified to successfully handle any and all municipal litigation throughout the state of Michigan.

Our municipal litigation and defense attorneys are: