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New Rules Provide Level Ground for Military Parents in Custody Battles

By Paul B. Addis Prior to September 2015, a military parent who was subject to child custody proceedings could lose custody of his or her child permanently while if for active duty. Courts were able to use the military parent’s deployment as eviden… Read More
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Macomb Circuit Court Rules Municipalities May Regulate Sky Lanterns

By Donald P. DeNault, Jr. On October 24, 2016, the Macomb County Circuit Court ruled that the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act does not govern sky lanterns. Therefore, the preemption provision of the Act does not impact local ordinances that regulate or… Read More
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Governor Signs New Michigan Medical Marihuana Laws

By Donald P. DeNault, Jr. On September 21, 2016, Governor Snyder signed three new medical marihuana bills into law. Each will take effect on December 20, 2016. HB 4827 requires the state to create a statewide monitoring system to track the transfers… Read More
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What does state law have to say about estate planning and digital assets?

The proliferation of computers and smartphones coupled with the explosion of wireless internet access over the last decade has seen even the least tech-savvy among us amass a considerable amount of digital assets from emails and social media accounts… Read More
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Michigan Philanthropist leaves musicians a gift

A philanthropist and lover of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra recently made one final gift upon her passing to the musicians she had enjoyed so much in her life. Marjorie S. Fisher, who had been known for her enthusiastic generosity and warm heart, di… Read More
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Some important considerations for parents revisiting their estate plan

When it comes to estate planning, it’s important for people — particularly parents — to understand that it’s more than just a one-time event, but rather a lifelong endeavor. That’s because whether they realize it or not,… Read More
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A closer look at estate planning tactics for avoiding probate - II

As we discussed in a previous post, there are a multitude of reasons why people from all walks of life decide to undertake comprehensive estate planning, including the reduction of their estate tax burden, the assurance that their hard-earned assets… Read More
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A closer look at estate planning tactics for avoiding probate

While the overarching objectives of estate planning are minimizing estate tax liability and ensuring assets are distributed according to a person’s exact wishes, there are other considerations that will undoubtedly factor into a person’s… Read More
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How you can be a better executor

If you’re made the executor of an estate, you may be concerned about how to move forward. Fortunately, there are some tips for how to be the best executor you can be. Your job is to handle the estate of someone who has passed away, and this nee… Read More
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Equity Based Crowdfunding Is Finally Up and Running - What You Need to Know

By Eric C. Turnbull Last week, millions of more people have been afforded the opportunity to invest in private startup businesses as an equity holder of the company. The Securities and Exchange Commission has signed off on the implementation of the 2… Read More
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