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Estate taxes: What you need to know about your estate taxes

No one wants to think about dying and leaving his or her loved ones with a tax burden. Because of that, many people work out their estate taxes early on and include information on how to deal with those taxes after their death in their wills or other… Read More
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Will challenges and how to avoid them

One potential concern you might have while creating or amending your estate plan is whether somebody might challenge your will after you are gone. Nobody wants a messy probate fight for their family, but at the same time, the terms of your estate pla… Read More
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What's the Difference between State and Federal Trademarks?

By Eric C. Turnbull As a current or aspiring business owner, you have likely heard advice from all sorts of people that you need to protect your business by trademarking your name with the state. Or maybe trademarking it with the federal government.… Read More
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What is a living will, and is it the same as a normal will?

A living will is not actually a will in the same way you’d think of one in the case of someone passing away. A typical will distributes property and sets up guardianship in some cases; it’s distributed after a person’s passing and t… Read More
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How Can an Incapacitated Person Sign a Legal Document?

By Melissa L. Rubino As you may know, the signing legal documents such as trusts and wills are subject to very strict requirements, and for good reason. It is crucially important that no corners are cut when signatures are applied to estate planning… Read More
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Some advice for creating your will

Anyone who is approaching their estate plan for the first time will be informed that a will is essential. It is one of the key building blocks for your estate plan. If you die without a will to your name, it means you will die “intestate.”… Read More
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Eminent Domain and Condemnation in Michigan

By Christopher S. Flechsig Owning property in the State of Michigan entitles residents to a number of privileges. However, certain governmental actions can legally affect your rights as a property owner. One such action often taken by both local and… Read More
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Creating a living trust, and what it means for you

Creating a trust can be important for people who are putting together their estate plan. Trusts can help you avoid the probate process, while also securing your assets and property for your beneficiaries. But what are some of the things you need to k… Read More
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Are you someone's long lost life insurance beneficiary?

We often remind people to make sure their estate plans are up-to-date. While a major life event will usually prompt a review of will and trust documents, what people sometimes forget is to check the designated beneficiaries of life insurance policies… Read More
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Up next: Fiduciary Smackdown and Monster Trust Rally!

Tabloids continue to speculate about the circumstances surrounding the January 2015 incident that led to Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death six months later. There are conspiracy theories that link her death with her mother’s — Whitney Ho… Read More
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